Welcome to TheInternetHospital.com powered by the DocOnNet System!

DocOnNet is the new house call! DocOnNet technology lets clinics like TheInternetHospital.com provide comprehensive care by internet in 60% to 70% of cases that used to require a trip to the clinic. Teleconference, video-conference and our unique “medical apps” all come to together to maximize your care. It’s greener (no carbon emissions travelling to and from the doctor) and healthier (avoid contact with illness and contagion at the hospital or clinic). After all, when your sick who wants to get up and go to the Doctor? With DocOnNet, the Doctor comes to you!

DocOnNet is a new kind of medical collaboration where users take an active role in their treatment. To best use DocOnNet’s potential, cooperation between you and the clinic is the key.

To begin using DocOnNet just follow the prompts and answer a few simple questions about your health. Soon you have created an almost professional medical profile. Next, click on “Contact the Clinic!” to set-up an appointment. The system will notify TheInternetHospital.com and we will send you a time for a telephone or video appointment right in the comfort of your home or wherever you happen to be.

Welcome, Dr. Per Knutson, Sweden

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